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Not Even The End Of The Civil War Could Stop 'Men Of Honor' From Dueling In Kentucky

Kentucky Historical Society

In the wake of the Civil War, a former Union soldier and a former Confederate soldier faced off in a duel with pistols, near the Scott-Fayette County line. Their encounter was likely the last formal duel fought in the Commonwealth.  Stuart Sanders a history advocate with the Kentucky Historical Society recently told the story of the Desha-Kimbrough duel from 1866, including their longstanding conflict and its violent resolution.  After his presentation he spoke exclusively with WUKY's Alan Lytle.

Stuart Sanders of the Kentucky Historical Society recently gave a lunch-time talk on the Desha-Kimbrough duel; one of the last formal duels ever held in the state of Kentucky.

Stuart Sanders and WUKY's Alan Lytle discuss dueling in general, and the Desha-Kimbrough duel in particular.

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