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 Logo for Accents Radio Show by host Katerina Stoykova

Host Katerina Stoykova is a poet and publisher who talks about all things writing. Stoykova interviews writers about their works and about the process of writing. The show airs monthly.

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Latest Episodes
  • Katerina Stoykova interviews writer Bobi Conn about her latest novel, Someplace Like Home, as well as her current and upcoming creative projects.
  • Katerina Stoykova interviews children's author Marcia Thornton Jones about writing, teaching, persisting, publishing and more.
  • Katerina Stoykova interviews poet, teacher and filmmaker Tom C Hunley about his latest poetry and craft books, as well as his screenwriting.
  • Katerina Stoykova interviews artist, poet, visionary and culture futurist Theo Edmonds about creativity, writing, persisting and thriving.
  • Katerina Stoykova interviews writer, filmmaker and teacher Robby Henson about his novel, Loud Water, his writing and his work at the Pioneer Playhouse.
  • Katerina Stoykova interviews David Cazden about his upcoming poetry book, his mentors, playing chess, taking long writing breaks and more.
  • A lively conversation with poet and philosopher Dave Harrity about his latest manuscript, running, theopoetics, revision, prophetic writing and more.
  • Katerina Stoykova interviews poet Danni Quintos about her writing, publishing, knitting and more.
  • Katerina Stoykova interviews poet Linda Freudenberger about her new chapbook, The Other Side of the Bed and Beyond.
  • Katerina Stoykova interviews poet and Iraq veteran Douglas E. Self about his debut poetry collection, Blast Radius.