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Author Posits Notorious Kentuckian Helped Andrew Jackson Become 'Old Hickory'

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U.S. President Andrew Jackson faced daunting challenges early in his career that helped to shape his personality and political thought. Gen. James Wilkinson, Frankfort’s founder and commander of the U.S. Army, was one of them. Wilkinson represented a privileged and unproductive establishment. Worse, he was a spy on the payroll of a European enemy.  Tony Turnbow, used unpublished sources to write his book, “Hardened to Hickory: the Missing Chapter in Andrew Jackson’s Life.”   He discussed his research recently at the Kentucky Historical Society in Frankfort and later spoke one on one with WUKY’s Alan Lytle.

WUKY's Alan Lytle speaks one on one with author Tony Turnbow

Credit Alan Lytle
Tony L. Turnbow

Bitten by the radio bug as a teenager, Alan Lytle got his start start more than 30 years ago volunteering in Clermont County, Ohio for WOBO-FM. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Broadcasting from the University of Cincinnati and worked at a variety of radio stations in the Cincinnati market, then made the move to Lexington in the mid-1990s.
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