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STORYCORPS: Early Skeptic Becomes Ardent Supporter

Kentucky Center For Smoke Free Policy

It took some convincing, but former vice mayor Mike Scanlon became an important advocate of Lexington's no smoking ordinance.

It’s time for another story corps segment marking the tenth anniversary of Lexington’s no-smoking ordinance, the first to be passed in any Kentucky city.  

Today we hear from former Lexington vice mayor, Mike Scanlon, an early skeptic of the movement, but who later became an ardent supporter.  Scanlon and his company Thomas and King owned a chain of Applebee's restaurants in Kentucky and other states. 

Lisa Greathouse-Maggio, an advocate for Smoke Free Lexington, was one of the people responsible for bringing him around to their side. 

The two of them reminisce about that process.

Special thanks to the Kentucky Center for Smoke Free Policy at kcsp.uky.edu for sharing the audio from their grant-funded oral history project.

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