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STORYCORPS: Local Restaurant Owner Welcomed No-Smoking Ordinance

Kentucky Center For Smoke Free Policy

As we mark ten years of Lexington's No-Smoking ordinance a local restaurant owner believes he was the first to put in a no-smoking section.

It’s time for another visit to the StoryCorps project commemorating the tenth anniversary of Lexington’s no-smoking ordinance.  The history making vote represented a significant cultural shift in tobacco-rich Kentucky and inspired other counties, cities and towns to follow Lexington’s lead. 

Today we hear from former Urban County Councilman Willie Fogle who voted for the ordinance, and Lexington restaurant owner, Joe Bologna, one of the first food service businesses to voluntarily offer some level of smoke-free dining. 

The two discuss their personal reasons for backing the no-smoking initiative.

Special thanks to the Kentucky Center for Smoke Free Policy at kcsp.uky.edufor sharing the audio from their grant-funded oral history project. 

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