Rock & Roots REWIND: Week of April 1st 2019

Apr 5, 2019

This week: Rock & Roots played new music from Matt Anderson (What Would Your mamma Say), Banners (Got It In You), Los Straitjakets (Game Of Thrones), Maddie Poppe (Made You Miss), Steel Blossoms (You're The Reason I Drink), Nick Waterhouse (I Feel An Urge Coming On) & James Morrison Featuring Joss Stone (My Love Goes On)!

On Monday we were treated to a show titled Fools Sing Foolish Things! The full playlist can be found here.

Saturday night on The Crunkadelic Funk Show saw the return of a favorite feature, Unexpected Covers. The show featured covers from Tamia, George Michael & Mary J. Blige, Lili Hadyn, The Clarke/Duke Project, Al Green, and more! A full playlist of the show can be found here.