Local Music Monday: Josh Nolan

Mar 31, 2014

This week DeBraun Thomas spotlights a musician with small town roots making a big splash in Lexington.

Musician Josh Nolan
Credit photo provided

Stanton, Kentucky native Josh Nolan has been in and out the Lexington music scene for the last few years. Nolan moved to Lexington in August of 2013 to further pursue music and says it is something he’s worked for a very long time. Nolan credits his abilities as a musician to his work ethic and everyone around him.

“I’ve just played every chance I could, I played in punk rock bands of course as everyone did in high school I think, I played every weekend at a dance hall back home in Stanton, anytime anybody needed help, I’d put myself out there to play it, so that’s how I learn things, I learn by playing with other people, I’ve got my influences, but most of my influences come from people nobody’s heard of and I mean that not in a snobby way [laughs]”

Nolan has new album called Fair City Lights which was recorded at Shangri-la Productions here in Lexington. The album itself is named as homage to a band Nolan once played with. As Nolan has been immersed in the local music scene, he says everyone around him has influenced him in the making of the record.

“I’m like a sponge, I’m not the cleanest sponge, but I’m a sponge and everything I hear goes in so, I try to regurgitate it in some way and the record goes from, it starts with an almost country song and it goes to the Motown type thing which Matt Duncan did the horns on so, that was cool.”

Josh Nolan & The Heroes to Blame will be performing and celebrating the release of Fair City Lights at Cosmic Charlie’s on April 4th. More information about Josh Nolan and the album Fair City Lights is available joshnolanmusic.com.