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Local Music Mondays is a weekly segment produced by WUKY's DeBraun Thomas. Check here for archived episodes, extended interviews, and extras.

Local Music Monday: Devine Carama

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This week on Local Music Monday, WUKY’s DeBraun Thomas features a hip-hop artist with a mission.

Rapper Devine Carama is a Lexington native who has been a part of the hip-hop scene for over a decade. Carama started performing in Lexington in the late 1990s and says he got his start rhyming anywhere he could.

“I actually got started freestylin, anywhere I could be heard, I used to freestyle at parties, I took the boombox to different neighborhoods, stood on the corner started ciphers, that’s how I kinda got my name.”

Carama has since become a fixture in the hip-hop scene, not just as a performer, but a host as well. Carama has hosted three popular events in Lexington including, Brown Sugar, Poetry In Motion and Neo Soul Nights. Carama who is a father, considers himself to be what he calls a Conscious Hip-hop Artist and says because he reaches the youth, it is his responsibility to send a positive message.

“Everybody’s talkin bout the money, the cars, poppin mollies and all that, I try to give the kids the other side, I try to build them up, tell them they’re kings and queens as opposed to the n word and the b word, tell them things about family and love and God as opposed to sex, drugs and cars, I just feel like when I was comin up conscious hip-hop was in the mainstream so there was balance, now you have to go deep deep underground to find it.”

Devine Carama has recently released his new album "The Dream Walker" which is available online. Carama also hosts Brown Sugar on the last Friday of every month at Al’s Bar, Poetry In Motion returns March 11th at Glen Creek Brewery on Euclid and Neo Soul Nights will be at Natasha’s on March 21st.  More information about Devine Carama including a download of "The Dream Walker" can be found here.

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