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VisitLex launches 'I Was Here' phone app to explore African-American history, ancestry and enslavement


For several years the award-winning I Was Here project has graced the windows of many of Lexington’s downtown buildings. It features translucent tapestries depicting spirit portraits of African Americans, with accompanying narratives meant to stir emotion and inspire thought. VisitLex is now co-sponsoring a geo-mapping phone app that invites people to walk across town and learn more.

Local artist Marjorie Guyon has been a part of the venture from the beginning.

"There are 29 stops on the VisitLex digital pass," Guyon told WUKY.

"And each one is sharing narratives, music and image and it's creating a portrait of the foundational work that the enslaved people did to build this city," Guyon added.

The I WAS HERE tour info is available by downloading the VisitLex phone app.