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Kentucky Tops 5 Percent Virus Positivity Rate; More Mandates Possible Next Week

Karyn Czar

With the state again reaching record numbers of new coronavirus cases Friday, the governor is signaling that more aggressive steps and potential roll backs may be on the way next week.

The commonwealth entered the weekend with nearly 800 new virus cases and a state-measured positivity rate topping 5 percent for the first time.

The numbers set off more alarm bells for Gov. Andy Beshear, who said the state is approaching levels that could trigger a new round of statewide mandates. If the trends don't stabilize over the weekend and into early next week, Beshear has pointed to White House guidelines recommending a reduction in restaurant capacity to just 25 percent and closure of bars as next steps.   

"If you're a bar and you're not requiring anybody to do what's required, you're shutting yourself down," the governor said. "I say that knowing that there are many out there that are really trying, and sadly they may be hurt by those that are not."

If the upswing continues, the governor said school districts with early August start dates can expect recommendations to push those back.

Stopping short of any mandates or orders, Beshear is also urging churches to strongly consider a return to virtual services for the next two weeks.

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