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'They Think This Is Over And It's Not.' Lexington COVID Cases Double In June

AP Photo/Seth Wenig

New novel coronavirus cases and deaths from COVID-19 more than doubled in Lexington in June, while the city set a single-day record for cases on July 1 (excluding the Federal Medical Center outbreak). That's according to the Fayette County Health Department, where local health officials worry those numbers are destined to climb if residents don't take the advice of experts seriously.

"They think this is over and it's not," health department spokesperson Kevin Hall tells WUKY. "We are a long way away from this being over."

Hall directed that warning toward those who interpret the reopening of businesses as an invitation to ignore COVID guidelines. Right now, he says, the population is split.

"Some people think that this is the time to hunker down, and some people think this is the time to completely just go about your life and pretend it's not there," Hall says. "We want people to under stand that there is a middle ground that you can do in this. You can go out, you can do things, but you need to follow those guidelines."

In the last month alone, Lexington coronavirus cases shot up by 793 and deaths by 16. As for a pattern, Hall says the trend isn't due to any hotspots, apart from increases at long-term care facilities. Those are set to slowly ease restrictions in the coming weeks, per state guidance.  

For now, gatherings where people are not wearing masks, social distancing, or frequently washing their hands, remain a top concern for health officials, especially with the Fourth of July holiday approaching.

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