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GOP Trains Sights On Last Remaining Democratic Stronghold

Josh James

With this week's dramatic gains for Republicans in statewide offices, the GOP has its sights set on the last remaining Democratic holdout in the state Capitol: the House of Representatives. The push began before Governor-Elect Matt Bevin even left the stage on election night.

"Let's hear it, flip the house!" he said, leading a chant.

Democrats repelled Republican efforts to retake the House in 2014, maintaining a 54-46 member advantage in the chamber they’ve held for nearly a century, but this week’s vote tallies have given the GOP more momentum heading into 2016.

Talking with cn|2, House Speaker Greg Stumbo sounded confident the Democrats can hold on to the chamber but urged the opposition to give both parties a chance to work together before launching into campaign mode.

"What I'm saying is the olive branch is out there," he said. "We're willing to work with you, Gov. Bevin to find real solutions for the real problems of Kentucky, but if they want to start the races tonight, I'm a big boy, we'll start the races tonight. I don't think that's what Kentuckians want us to do."

An early start to campaigning would result in "gridlock," Stumbo warned.

If the Kentucky House turns red next year, it would cap off a series of victories that have put Republicans in charge of every legislative body in the south.

Josh James fell in love with college radio at Western Kentucky University's student station, New Rock 92 (now Revolution 91.7). After working as a DJ and program director, he knew he wanted to come home to Lexington and try his hand in public radio.
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