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McConnell Praises Republican Slate, Refers To Bevin Only As 'Governor-Elect'

U.S. Senate

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had words of high praise today for Republican Party candidates who were victorious in last night's statewide elections, including Matt Bevin, the man he defeated in a bitter primary last year.  In his floor speech this morning McConnell referred to Bevin only as "the governor-elect," and did not utter the victorious candidate's name.

“Let me begin this morning by congratulating Kentucky’s Governor-elect and the entire Republican ticket on a big win last night.

“I remember when the Republican nomination was hardly worth having in Kentucky, so it says something when we see spirited competition for it. The Governor-elect and I certainly are no strangers to spirited competition, but we’re also conservative Kentuckians happy to see change come to Frankfort," McConnell told his colleagues.

It remains to be seen what role if any McConnell will play in helping the new Republican administration get off the ground.

“Yesterday’s election was a statement about where the people of my state want to see us headed, and it’s not down the road of government control and big labor. They want fresh ideas, growth, innovation, opportunity, and greater control over their own lives and destinies. They want a change in direction. Here’s something they certainly don’t want: more of this Administration’s top-down, Washington knows best approach to everything from health care to how best to use our natural resources.”

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