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General Assembly Leadership See Openings For Compromise

Josh James

Democratic and Republican leadership in both houses of the Kentucky General Assembly expect to hit the ground running this week, despite the short four-day window before lawmakers break. They’re set to return in February to begin the formal law-making process.

Senate President Robert Stivers told reporters Tuesday committees are finalizing their leadership and he hopes to see legislation in committee in the next few days.

As for areas where he sees potential for compromise between the House and Senate, Stivers said, "If there's going to be a discussion on stabilization of the road fund, I think that's a subject matter than can be there. If you look at domestic violence civil protections orders, depending on how it's drafted, there's potential there. And... the speaker and I are probably on the same page on most of the ideas as to how to deal with heroin."

Stivers said the Senate could pass the anti-heroin measure as early as this week.

Meanwhile, Democratic House Speaker Greg Stumbo tells WUKY he's detected a similar momentum for action in his chamber.

"It's going to be an eventful session and I think we'll be able to find some common ground. There's a growing understanding from the members that people want us to find issues we can work together on," he said. 

The 30-day session, which will run through March 24, is expected to cost taxpayers just over $3.5 million dollars.

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