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Fayette Co. Schools Chief Offers To Take Pay Cut

Fayette County Public Schools

Fayette County Schools Superintendent Tom Shelton is indicating he'd accept a pay cut to help the district balance the books.

Even before the district gathers public input on how to cut 5% from its operating budget, Fayette County Schools Chief Tom Shelton is indicating he’d voluntarily take a pay cut. 

In a letter sent to staff members Wednesday, Shelton warns of possible layoffs in coming months because of a $20-million budget shortfall and then asks for his own $254,000 annual salary to be reduced.

The superintendent previously said the district needs to come up with $20 million before the budget is presented to the school board in May.

A group of principals and district leaders has been meeting since last fall to develop a new school staffing formula. A proposal on the new procedure was scheduled to go before the Fayette County Board of Education Monday before outcry sparked it to be pulled from the agenda.

In order to balance the budget for next school year, the district is looking to create a spending plan based on 95-percent of the resources used this year. In total, 88-percent of Fayette County Public Schools current spending goes to salaries and benefits for the district's 5,815 employees.

A public meeting is planned for next Thursday evening at 6 p.m. at district headquarters on Main Street to discuss the budget situation.

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