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This Week On Dr. Greg: The Rise Of 'Moral Distress' In Nursing

UK HealthCare

A term you may have heard of late is Moral Distress.  What exactly is it?  Today our host is going to explore this concept with UK HealthCare clinical social worker Abigail Latimer.

Abigail Latimer, a social worker and researcher in the College of Social Work at the University of Kentucky, has received the 2019 Award for Excellence in Clinical Practice from the Social Work Hospice & Palliative Care Network. She was honored for her excellence and leadership in end-of-life, hospice, and palliative care. Her research focuses on moral distress in professionals and healthcare providers, the impact of social work and professional development in palliative care, and the role of social workers in management of heart failure.

Latimer holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master of social work degree from the University of Kentucky, where she is also currently working on a doctorate in social work.

Dr. Greg Davis is a forensic pathologist with UK HealthCare. Every week, Davis speaks with local health providers, professionals, and researchers on Dr. Greg Davis on Medicine.
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