You Can Help Police Solve Crimes Without Giving Your Name

Oct 20, 2016

Credit Lexington Herald Leader

Within hours of each other, Lexington Police were called to three locations where shots had been fired.  Two of those calls ended with a fatality.

The victims…27-year old father of two, James Blair and Trinity Gay, a 15-year old who dreamed of becoming a surgeon and track star like her father Tyson Gay. Four men have been arrested for firing guns in the parking lot where Gay was hit but it’s unclear yet which of any of them fired the fatal shot. Investigators do have a person of interest in Blair’s case but no arrests have been made.

Lexington Police Chief Mark Barnard said witnesses came forward quickly in Gay’s case and that usually happens, but sometimes it can be difficult to get information because of fear.  But Barnard says you can help solve any crime, without becoming directly involved.“I understand there’s barriers. For people who fear retaliation or feel some culture on them not to snitch. I get that. But you can still do it by texting or calling in on our tip line. We can’t track it. It’s anonymous. We don’t know where it came from. And the only thing a person has to do is say this is the information that I want to give you. And I can’t even track it back to whoever called or texted it in. That’s important. That removes the barrier of anyone associating you with that evidence”

That anonymous line is 859-253-2020.  You can also go to bluegrass crime stoppers dot com or text LEXPD with keyword crimes.  We will have that info available at