STORYCORPS: Northern Kentucky Advocate Discovers The Power Of The Pen

Mar 13, 2014

This week meet a Northern Kentuckian who launched a letter writing campaign for no-smoking ordinances across the state.

Smoke-free advocates Denny Nafus and Betsy Janes
Credit Kentucky Center For Smoke Free Policy

Lexington's  history making vote more than ten years ago influenced many other counties, cities and towns to pass no-smoking ordinances.   Northern Kentuckian Denny Nafus has been involved in lobbying for smoking bans in Boone, Kenton, and Campbell Counties.  He talks about the ups and downs of those efforts with Betsy Janes of the group, Smoke-Free Kentucky.

Special thanks to the Kentucky Center for Smoke Free Policy for sharing the audio from its grant-funded oral history project.

Information on smoke free policies is available here.