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Fairness Advocates Urge Resolute Vigilance, In Protecting 20 Year Old Ordinance

How fair is the city of Lexington for its LGBTQ citizens 20 years after passing the Fairness Ordinance, especially in the face of well-organized, well-funded opposition from religious freedom groups?  A panel of advocates discussed the future of laws designed to protect citizens from discrimination in housing, employment, and public accommodation and others who are challenging these ordinances largely on religious grounds.

The LexHistory Talks! program was presented in collaboration with the Lexington History Museum, the Lexington Public Library, Faulkner Morgan Archive and Lexington Fairness. 

Panelists included: Craig Cammack, Community Outreach Liaison for the mayor's office, TransKentucky member Marjorie Duhr, Pride Community Services Organization President Wanda McCants and former Kentucky Fairness Alliance Board Member Dennis Stutsman.

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