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Hall Of Fame Journalist Ken Kurtz On Primary Day And Beyond

On the day before the statewide primary Ken Kurtz discusses the major contests on the ballot and tells us what to watch for starting Wednesday morning.

Some, but certainly not all, Kentucky voters will be going to the polls tomorrow to cast ballots in the statewide primary.  Turnout is expected to be around 30 percent. 

Major contests include the U-S Senate race with GOP stalwart Mitch McConnell taking on Tea party-backed Matt Bevin.  Democrats will be asked to choose between Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, and three lesser known aspirants. 

Here in Lexington, a boatload of candidates are trying for at-large seats on the Urban County Council, as well as some intriguing district contests. 

And lest we forget the mayoral primary between incumbent Jim Gray, former police chief Anthany Beatty, and college professor Danny Mayer. 

For some insight on this year’s primary season we turn to Kentucky Journalism Hall of Famer and WUKY political blogger Ken Kurtz.