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Abolish the Air Force? A Conversation with Dr. Robert Farley

UK Patterson School

A University of Kentucky professor asserts that the U-S Air Force should be abolished.

University of Kentucky Professor Robert Farley says the government should break up the Air Force. 

In his latest book, Grounded, Farley argues that the service should be abolished, with different aspects of air power split among the Army and Navy.  To him, the current system contributes to service rivalries and bureaucratic inefficiency.  Farley says this research path came from studying the Iraq War, with the armed forces disputing which service was most instrumental to victory.  

“Essentially this replays itself, this pattern replays itself after every major war and often during every major war, that there’s always conflict between the three services, but that conflict seems to be particularly bitter when air power is involved,” he said.

Dr. Farley is an assistant professor at UK's Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce, a master's level professional program that aims to prepare students for a variety of international careers.  His book will soon be published by University Press of Kentucky.