Local Music Mondays

Local Music Mondays is a weekly segment produced by WUKY's DeBraun Thomas. Check here for archived episodes, extended interviews, and extras.

Shawn Gannon

This week DeBraun profiles Rapper/Musician Fred Croney.

Tom Wickstrom

This week DeBraun talks with bassist Joe Schlaak of the Restless Leg String Band.

photo provided

This week DeBraun Thomas profiles Joel Serdenis of the Blind Corn Liquor Pickers.

photo provided

This week DeBraun talks with local music impresario JK-47.

Lydia Inglett

This week on Local Music Monday DeBraun Thomas talks with banjoist and songwriter Arthur Hancock IV of the group the Wooks.

Andrew Brinkhorst

This week DeBraun profiles Cecilia Miller, a Lexington cellist much in demand.

Tripp Bratton

This week DeBraun profiles multi-instrumentalist Tripp Bratton.