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Saving Stories: Dancing with the future Queen; just one of his many crown(ing) achievements

photo provided by Joanna Hay

With the recent success of the Netflix series The Crown, fascination with Queen Elizabeth II and her heirs shows no sign of slowing down. The Queen and the late Prince Phillip were married on November 20, 1947 so this week would have marked their 74th wedding anniversary. In this latest edition of WUKY's award winning history program, Saving Stories, Nunn Center for Oral History Director Doug Boyd, highlights a whale of a royal tale from Mark Thornewill. In this 2018 interview,conducted at the request of a family friend, Thornewill discusses his many adventures as a British naval officer during World War II, a priest, a husband, and a father. One of the most talked about stories involves Thornewill dancing and wooing the royal princesses, including the future Queen Elizabeth II.  This interview is further explored in the latest episode of the Nunn Center's podcast The Wisdom Project.

Access the Nunn Center’s full interview with Mark L. Thornewill online: https://kentuckyoralhistory.org/ark:/16417/xt7vhh6c5m2q



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