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Saving Stories: 50 Years Ago This Week - Campus Protest At UK

UK Special Collections

In this latest edition of WUKY’s award winning history series Saving Stories, Dr. Doug Boyd from the Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History in the UK Libraries and Alan Lytle discuss an incident that happened on the UK campus.  Fifty years ago this week, the country was rocked by the shooting of four student protesters by National Guard troops on the Kent State campus - that incident touched off demonstrations across the country including at UK where an ROTC annex building caught on fire.  And fifty years later the Nunn Center continues to document the varying accounts of just what happened.

In this segment hear from:

David Holwerk (student protester from 1978 project University of Kentucky: Student Protest 1970) Interview conducted by John Jason Peter

Jim Embry (student protester, from 2018 interview in University of Kentucky: The African American Experience). Interview conducted by Le Datta Grimes

Ferrel Wellman, (news director of WVLK at the time interviewed by Jeff for his Ferrell Wellman Oral History Project, which is linked to his University of Kentucky: The Turbulent Years (1965-1975).
See film footage of the protest donated by Terrence Fox here:

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