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Filmmaker Archie Borders discusses his new movie "Please to Meet Me"

Louisville-based Indie filmmaker Archie Borders has a new movie project financed on Kickstart.com, a project that starts shooting today in Louisville.

And as far as we can see, this is Borders’ third feature film, but his first film with a “name” cast.

“Pleased to Meet Me”  was inspired by one segment on Chicago Public Radio’s series “This American Life” called “Classifieds,” produced by Ira Glass.


This particular segment was titled, “Everybody Speaks Elton John.”


“Pleased to Meet Me” is about a group of musicians brought together through classified ads for one day to create a song that “turns into something special,” according to Borders’ Kickstarter pitch, which you can see here.

Borders raised $44,128 via Kickstarter from 171 backers.
Clearly, it’s the cast Borders has brought together that sealed the deal. Alt singer/songwriter Aimee Mann is in the movie along with Loudon Wainwright III and John Doe from the LA punk band X.
Apparently, Mann will play John Doe’s former love interest and producer.
The film is scheduled to shoot a big concert scene September 10 at the Brown Theater downtown, which will require 800 extras, according to postings on the “Pleased to Meet Me” Facebook page.
Borders has a ton of credits, but you have to wonder if this might be his break-through project.

‘Pleased To Meet Me’ Film Screening and Reception at the Kentucky Theatre

The Lexington premiere of the feature film “Pleased to Meet Me,” directed by Lexington native / Louisville resident Archie Borders,is a fundraiser to benefit the Friends of the Kentucky Theatre’s renovation project. The movie, a “comical look into the unfulfilled dreams of making it in the music industry,” was filmed in Louisville and stars John Doe (front man for the legendary punk group X) and singer songwriter Aimee Mann, along with appearances by many local musicians.

The VIP reception ($40) with the cast and crew begins at 5:30 p.m. at Natasha’s, with hors d’oeuvres, drink tickets and priority seating in the theatre. The screening of the film begins at the Kentucky Theatre at 7 p.m.

VIP Ticket includes admission to the Pre-Screening Reception at Natasha’s and priority seating for the film at the Kentucky Theater. Tickets for the movie are $10 and can be purchased at this link. Stick  around after the show for a 30-minute Q & A session moderated by Lexington Area Music Alliance President, Tom Martin with film director Borders, producer Fitzer, and stars John Doe and Karen Bergquist.