Whit Whitaker Named Executive Director For Lyric Theatre

Aug 7, 2019

The historic Lyric Theatre and Cultural Arts Center has a new executive director. Whit Whitaker has performed on the legendary stage at the Lyric, has graced audiences across the globe with his rich vocal skills and is a proven leader in the local arts community. Whitaker graduated from UK with a degree in music and went on to get his masters in arts administration. He just served as the choral business director for the Lexington Singers.

Whitaker comes into the Executive Director position with a clear vision for the Lyric’s growing future.

“Well I would like to see us continue to reach out to the surrounding communities in Kentucky and beyond to try to create enduring long lasting partnerships. And to collaborate with more local artists as well as, my hope is to get some regional and even some national acts that aren’t acts that may be coming through to touch ground on the Lyric to help us to increase our footprint in the community and to be recognized more within the state and regionally and nationally.”

Chester Grundy, the interim executive director of the Lyric called Whitaker a perfect fit and said “Not only does he bring a wealth of experience as a seasoned artist, but he is a familiar, highly respected professional throughout the Central Kentucky arts community.”