Local Music Monday: Guitarist Josh Wright

Aug 11, 2014

This week for Local Music Monday, DeBraun Thomas features a musician who has gone from fan, to performer.

Josh Wright
Credit photo provided

Josh Wright first found his love for music in church. A native of Owen County, Wright moved from Bowling Green to Lexington in 2010. Wright says his decision to move to Lexington was not a hard one to make.

“I came because of music really, which is kind of an odd thing to say about Lexington I feel like, but I was from just north of Frankfort, so Lexington was about 40 minutes away and there was a couple bands up here I was really into such as The Fanged Robot and Killer Meteor and really I just kinda wanted to weasel my way into that whole scenario because I was such a big fan of their music.”

Wright is now in that scenario playing his original music with Bear Medicine. The band has an upcoming album called The Moon Has Been All My Life. Wright says he’s excited to finally release the album but is even happier with the evolution of not just the band, but the songs as well.

“We worked on them so hard for the album, but we’re starting to play some things differently live, just to keep things fresh because we’ve been working on these songs for so long, even after a year after some of these have been written we’ll be and somebody will say ‘what if we did this here?’ and we’re like ‘oh, we never thought about that’ so it’s funny, they’re still evolving and I guess they probably always will.”

Josh Wright performs with the band Bear Medicine. Their album The Moon Hass been All My Life will be released later in 2014. The song Infestation will be released as a single on August 19th. More information about Josh Wright and Bear Medicine can be found on facebook and at bearmedicinemusic.com.