LEE Initiative To Provide Free Meals To Laid Off Restaurant Workers

Mar 24, 2020

A Louisville-based organization is partnering with Makers Mark to expand its relief program for restaurant workers struggling to make ends meet. As Arlo Barnette reports, the service will provide free, hot meals in Lexington starting on Thursday.

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The Lee Initiative is responding to job insecurity amidst the COVID-19 pandemic by opening kitchens in 13 different cities, including Cincinnati, Los Angeles, and the District of Colombia. The relief program will operate in Lexington at Great Bagel on Boston Road.

Lee Initiative volunteer Kristy Maggard says restaurant workers who have been laid off or are dealing with significant work hour reduction can get a free dinner seven nights a week, as long as they bring photo ID and some proof of employment.

The program gets started Thursday from 5 to 7 pm.

Donors can bring food or household supplies to the Boston Road Great Bagel, or visit www.leeinitiative.org, where monetary donations can be made to go toward the Lexington branch in particular.