Kentucky Braces For New Sales Taxes On July 1

Jun 27, 2018

Kentucky residents will pay a slew of new taxes beginning next week.

Credit Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Public Domain

Starting Sunday, prices for things like car repairs, tanning bed visits, veterinarian care and gym memberships will jump 6 percent because of a new law passed by the Republican-controlled legislature.

On the same day, nonprofits will have to add an extra 6 percent for admission prices to cultural and athletic events. The change comes from a recent state Supreme Court ruling that says the Kentucky Constitution does not exempt nonprofits from state sales and use taxes.

Republicans are defending the taxes by noting they will spend the extra money on public education. The changes also include a tax cut for many. Most state taxpayers had paid 6 percent of their taxable income to the state. Now, they will pay 5 percent.