Could Kentucky's Downward Virus Trend Be Over? State Awaits More Data

Apr 2, 2021

Kentucky could see an end to its months-long decline in COVID-19 cases this week, but it's not yet clear if the fluctuating numbers hint at a new trend.


Johns Hopkins University reports 27 states have averaged at least 10% more cases every day this past week compared to the previous week. And now Kentucky is beginning to see signs of a slight uptick as well, potentially stalling or reversing the downward trajectory that began in January.

Still, Gov. Andy Beshear said Wednesday that it's notable how Kentucky's numbers haven't swung as dramatically as other states.

"I think it's a mixture of a number of things," he suggested. "It goes all the way back to the steps we took in November, to Kentuckians doing better and better, and our vaccination rate is also helping us be where we are right now."

National trends show those under 60 are now accounting for most of the new coronavirus cases, which health officials hope is evidence the vaccines are working.   

On Monday, Kentucky is set to open up the shots to anyone 16 and over.