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New Kentucky non-profit helps kids and families journey through grief process

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Bereaved children struggling with unsupported grief may have difficulties in school, have trouble regulating emotions and relationships, and exhibit a higher incidence of depression and anxiety. Without experiences that can help normalize grief and process its accompanying feelings, these children may continue to struggle—sometimes for decades. Dr. Greg talks with Leila Salisbury, executive director of the new Kentucky Center for Grieving Children and Families about their mission and the programs currently on offer.

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What is The Kentucky Center for Grieving Children and Families?

The KCGCF is a 501(c)3 organization designed to facilitate peer support, educational opportunities, and healing experiences for children and teens who have had a death loss. Grief groups and education are also offered to families and caregivers to give them support and knowledge as they navigate the unfamiliar territory of parenting grieving children. Our programs are designed to make sure no child or teen in central Kentucky has to grieve alone.

What is our mission, vision, and philosophy?

The mission of The Kentucky Center for Grieving Children and Families is to support children, teens, and families as they grieve and grow. We at the KCGCF envision a world where children and families are empowered to meaningfully engage with their grief. Loss is difficult, but with support and connection, children and families can move forward and build new futures.

Who do we serve?

We serve children ages 4-18, as well as their families and caregivers. The KCGCF serves any child who has had a death loss of a significant person.

What services do we offer?

We offer in-school grief support groups in select sites within Fayette and surrounding counties, and in fall 2022 we launched free, community-based grief support groups for children, teens, and caregivers. We also offer a virtual teen-led peer support group, open to any Kentucky teen aged 13-18. Groups are led by trained facilitators and are designed to build peer support, connection, and healing among group participants. The KCGCF also works with schools, businesses, religious, and community organizations to provide training and resources so that young grievers and their families can be better supported in their grief in all settings.

Why are our services needed?

10% of Kentucky’s children will lose a parent or sibling by age 18. 20% of bereaved children are suspended, expelled, or will repeat a grade in school. Unsupported grief disrupts children’s development, increasing problems with physical, behavioral, and mental health. They are more likely to experience poor health and addiction as teens and adults. But with healthy peer and adult connections and support—and a better understanding of the emotions and reactions—these children and teens can find a healthy way forward.

Contact Us and Learn More! www.kcgcf.org; 859-813-2759; lsalisbury@kcgcf.org