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Former councilmember Susan Lamb appointed new Fayette County Clerk


Susan Lamb, former Fayette County 4th district council representative, will replace retiring Fayette County Clerk Don Blevins, Jr. Fayette County Judge/Executive Mary Diane McCord Hanna has appointed Lamb to the position Blevins will vacate on January 31.

Lamb was elected as 4th District representative in 2014 and completed her fourth term last week. Previously, she spent 21 years in the Council Clerk’s Office, serving first as the Deputy Council Clerk, and then as the Council Clerk, a position under the purview of the Fayette County Clerk. Lamb said, “I have worked in local government for 34 years and still to this day value the importance of providing resources and knowledge to citizens of Lexington-Fayette County.” Her experience gives her keen insight into the numerous duties her new position will require and will allow her to continue to work with many people with whom she has worked in the past.

Judge Hanna chose Lamb from an array of people seeking the position. “It was an arduous task for a newly elected official who was sworn into office in mid-December but began her elected position January 2,” Hanna said. Hanna received counsel from numerous community members, city and statewide officials. The original leader in her group of consultants was the beloved Foster Ockerman, Jr. who died unexpectedly less than three weeks ago.

Hanna, along with trusted others, interviewed half of those seeking the position. The resumes were first read and analyzed with respect to the position by an accomplished recruiter from outside of Lexington who did not know any of the applicants. From there, Hanna selected the top candidates for an in-depth interview in order to make an informed and educated choice.

“My goal, which I wrote down in advance, was to find the best possible candidate for the job, an appointee who would make Lexington proud,” Hanna said. “I wanted a people-oriented leader with experience in the area who understands the county clerk’s position and its importance in the viability of our community who could readily grasp both the breadth and the nuances of the job. Susan has the temperament and knowledge to excel in this position, and the availability to work closely with Mr. Blevins between now and his retirement date.”