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2024 WUKY Women of Distinction

WUKY Women of Distinction Series Podcast logo featuring 13 photos of distinguished women

About WUKY Women of Distinction

A Woman of Distinction embodies resilience and gracefully overcomes challenges to uplift those around her. Congratulations Marilyn Clark, Ann Backus, Claudia Love Mair, and Angela Evans! These women have emerged as the 2024 WUKY Women of Distinction.

These women are inspiring and impactful. They are leaving a lasting legacy in the world. Their reach knows no bounds in art, business, education, politics, philanthropy, science, media, technology, law, media, and music.

The Women of Distinction initiative is brought to you by WUKY and Project Ricochet, which provides an opportunity for women to be recognized locally, nationally, and globally. WUKY is shining a light on the remarkable women in our workplaces and communities.

2024 WUKY Women of Distinction Event

Location & Time

2640 Spurr Rd.
Lexington, KY 40511
Thursday, March 28, 2024
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Program Agenda

6:00 pm - Reception
6:30 pm - Welcome, Missy Ward, WUKY
6:40 pm - Purpose of the Women of Distinction Initiative, Dr. Abeni El-Amin, WUKY and Project Ricochet
6:45 pm - Introducing Marilyn Clark, MBA, Renee Collins Cobb, M.Ed., WUKY CAB and Project Ricochet
6:50 pm - Inspirational Remarks, Marilyn Clark, MBA 
6:55 pm - Introducing Angela Evans, JD, Ashley Holt, MBA, WUKY CAB
7:00 pm - Inspirational Remarks, Angela Evans, JD
7:05 pm - Introducing Claudia Love, MFA, Yvonne Skinner, Project Ricochet
7:10 pm - Inspirational Remarks, Claudia Love, MFA
7:20 pm - Women of Distinction Panel, Missy Ward, WUKY
7:50 pm - Closing, Bryan Lane, WUKY General Manager
8:00 pm - Adjournment

Special Appreciation to Alan Lytle, WUKY News Director

Additional Resources

WUKY Women of Distinction Series Podcast logo featuring 6 photos of planning committee