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Jury service currently earns Kentuckians a whopping $5 a day. A bill would up that amount to $25, but lawmakers want to see more.

Fayette Clerk

Jurors in Kentucky would see a modest boost in pay under a bill on its way to the state House.

Under current Kentucky law, all jurors serving in District and Circuit courts receive just a minimum $5 a day for their service — an amount Rep. Patrick Flannery said doesn't even cover the cost of parking in Lexington and Louisville. Jurors also receive another $7.50 for expenses.

While House Bill 176 would increase the daily pay for serving on a jury to at least $25, lawmakers expressed frustration that the bill doesn't aim higher.

"Why can't we go to like a minimum $100 a day, where we can actually pay these people — plus we struggle to get people on juries the way it is," Rep. John Blanton said. "If we would pay them something, we might get people more interested, or willing, to serve on our juries."

HB 176 would not stop counties or municipalities from bumping the pay for jury duty above $25.

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