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Lexington-themed Monopoly game now available to play

Wiser Strategies

Monopoly, the Lexington Edition was unveiled Wednesday and WUKY’s Samantha Lederman landed on Keeneland for the big reveal and brings us this report.

Mayor Linda Gorton was joined by Top Trumps’ Tim Barney and Mr Monopoly himself to reveal the latest iteration of Monopoly: the Lexington Edition.

One of about 30 towns and cities to be featured by Monopoly, and the only one in Kentucky, the original Atlantic City squares have been replaced by Lexington cultural sites, historic landmarks, charitable organizations and businesses.

The new game does indeed highlight everything we love about Lexington and the community chest and chance cards have also been customised to make them exclusively Lexington-centric. For example, you might be asked to make a donation to The Hope Centre, or win a voucher at Awesome Inc.

The most expensive property on the board is Keeneland at $400 monopoly bucks, and Transylvania sounds like a bargain at $180! The game is now available online and at local retailers.

Listeners might remember Lederman and her English accent from when she was a morning news anchor on WUKY from 1999 to 2001.