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Gorton, Kloiber clash, rehash positions on tackling gun violence in latest mayoral forum

LexTV / David Kloiber for Mayor

Incumbent Mayor Linda Gorton and challenger Councilmember David Kloiber fielded questions from audience members on the lack of affordable housing and the beautification of Lexington's north side but as the city broke the previous homicide record over the weekend, both say making Lexington safer would be their top priority. Their opinions diverged on how best to do that. WUKY's Karyn Czar reports.

The differences lie in their approach to dealing with the problem. Kloiber wants to introduce a steering committee through GVI which would be community led. He believes it would allow citizens to be more involved in policing and give officers a more direct approach to identifying people most likely to be involved in gun violence.

Gorton says GVI hasn’t been effective in other cities that use it. She plans to continue to forge ahead with an advisory committee created to address crime in the city, domestic violence in particular.

Mayor Gorton currently leads in the polls with less than three weeks to go before election day.

Karyn Czar joined the WUKY News team July 1, 2013, but she's no stranger to radio.