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Quarles formally launches bid for Kentucky governor

Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles has formally launched his 2023 campaign for governor, stressing his rural background and pledging to unify the state if elected.

Quarles chose the courthouse square in his native Scott County on Wednesday to begin presenting his agenda and reintroducing himself to voters across the Bluegrass State. He touted his conservative
credentials, including his opposition to abortion and support for gun ownership rights. The event comes about a month after Quarles announced he would seek Kentucky’s top political job next year. He’s part of a growing list of candidates vying for the Republican nomination to challenge Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear.

Response from Kentucky Democratic Party:

“Andy Beshear is one of the most popular governors in the country because he is creating a better Kentucky for all of our families, already announcing more than 33,000 jobs and shattering economic development records. Just yesterday, Gov. Beshear
announced more than $2 million in investments in Scott County to give families more safe and quality places to spend time together. Despite his more than a decade as a self-serving and self-promoting politician, Kentuckians would struggle to list a single accomplishment from Ryan Quarles. Quarles bungled his rollout for governor, showing he isn’t even ready to run for governor, much less serve as governor. If Quarles emerges from what increasingly looks like it is going to be an extreme, nasty and expensive Republican primary, Kentucky voters will have a clear choice next November.”