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Mark Falk, a staple of Lexington's music scene, remembered

A veteran of Lexington’s music scene, including the bands Driftwood Gypsy, The Baja Yetis, Luna Groova, Astrolyte, and Triptamine Arkestra, passed away on Sunday. WUKY’s Arlo Barnette has more.

Mark Falk was a talented multi-instrumentalist and the first bass player for the band Driftwood Gypsy, where he held down the groove with drummer Conrad Dillinger.

"He could lay down the funk, but then it gets its own solo and it's in the pocket . . . He'd hook up his whammy to it and make it scream, or he used the Mu-Tron a lot for like the envelope kind of sound, but he would also throw some "R2-D2" pedal that would just go like [R2-D2 noises] and let it drone. He was definitely very exploratory."
Conrad Dillinger

Dillinger says his friend was a staple of the jazz, funk, and jam scene in Lexington and helped it become what it is today. He also built the scene in a more literal sense.

"He grew up doing construction with his dad and has done a lot of stuff around town, and built a lot of the bars . . . He was a really fine carpenter."
Conrad Dillinger

Falk and Dillinger worked together as carpenters in recent years, and Dillinger says he was joy to work with.

A GoFundMe campaign to lighten the load on his family had raised almost half of its $5,000 goal, at last check. Donate here.

"Him and Jess just have a sort of magnetic pull where they can [be] really fun to be around and people just kind of gravitate towards them. So there was a very healthy scene that they were large contributors to and helped cultivate."
Conrad Dillinger

More remembrances can be heard in the audio above.

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