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Ky. lawmakers move to tighten bail regulations

House Bill 313 initially sought to ban charitable bail organizations, but Representative Jason Nemes introduced a new version which sets limitations on groups that post bonds.

If the bill becomes law, groups would not be allowed to post bail over $5,000 and would not be able to assist in domestic violence or involuntary substance abuse treatment cases. A caveat that would have kept the man who drove under the influence and killed 17-year-old Madelynn Troutt one year ago. Her mother Marcie and younger brother Peyton asked lawmakers to pass HB 313, also known as Madelynn’s Law.

But Shameka Parrish-Wright with the Louisville Bail Project told lawmakers that her group is needed to help those who suffer from poverty and mental illness and that cases like the Troutt family suffered are “heartbreaking but rare.”

The bill passed 11-2 and moves to the House floor.

Karyn Czar joined the WUKY News team July 1, 2013, but she's no stranger to radio.