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Kentucky House GOP leaders unveil redistricting plan


Kentucky House Republican leaders have unveiled a redistricting plan for the 100-member chamber.

Under the proposed map, two sets of rural GOP lawmakers would be paired with each other in newly drawn districts, while two pairs of urban Democrats would be placed in the same Louisville districts. Those incumbents would face off in the 2022 spring primary, if the proposal wins legislative approval and the lawmakers decide to seek reelection.

The redistricting plan revealed by House Speaker David Osborne also would create two new districts where the majority of voters would represent ethnic and racial minority populations.

The new House district map would not divide any precinct in the state, he said.

“We tried to draw districts as compactly as we possibly could,” Osborne said at a news conference.

Redistricting plans for congressional and state Senate districts haven't been revealed.

The legislature convenes its 2022 session next week and redistricting looms as the top priority in the opening week.

Their supermajority status in the General Assembly puts Republicans in full control of the once-a-decade redistricting process. Their lopsided majorities also created complications due to population losses in many rural counties represented by GOP lawmakers.