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Long Recommended Security Measures Will Be Made Outside The Kentucky State Capitol And Capitol Annex

University of Kentucky

Right now in Frankfort, you can drive a full circle around the State Capitol but that’s about to change. Governor Andy Beshear said bollards are going to be placed at the east and west ends of the portion of Capitol Avenue that runs between the Capitol and Annex buildings.

“That current road is going to end up closed to traffic,” Beshear said, “it has been reviewed as a security concern and as a threat for being far too close to the Capitol and the annex.”

The recommendations had been made by Kentucky State Police and Federal Security partners for several years to increase security. The Governor said the change will create a safe greenspace for the public.

“Where we can host functions. Where people can come and voice their first amendment rights but to do it safely,” Beshear said, “and that we’d never see something like for instance we saw in Charlottesville where there are demonstrations where a car can get in or get through.”

The state is taking bids for the project. Beshear did not give an exact timeline but expects the change to come “soon.”

Last year fencing was placed around the Governor’s mansion for additional security after a crowd protesting COVID restrictions went beyond the area open to the public, filled the front lawn and porch and banged on the windows and door yelling for Governor Beshear to come out. One person hung an effigy of Beshear from a tree near the sidewalk.

Recommendations to fence the area had been made by national security several times since the 9/11 terrorist attacks.