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KBE Approves Masking In Kentucky Public Schools

Associated Press

The Kentucky Board of Education votes unanimously to require masks indoors in all public schools for the entire school year. The Board held an emergency meeting Thursday morning, just two days after Governor Andy Beshear signed an executive order mandating universal masking in K-12 schools, pre-K and daycares for the next 30 days. Jason Glass is the Commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Education.

“While Governor Beshear has also issued an executive order on this matter set to expire 30 days from issuance, KBE’s authority is separate from the Governor’s and this board has an obligation to take steps to protect the health and safety of Kentucky students.” Glass said “The emergency regulation that the board is considering requires universal masking for a period up to 270 days where at such time that the state board rescinds that regulation.”

There were protestors outside today’s meeting and earlier in the day, the 11-members of the Local Superintendent Advisory Council asked the board to table the vote. They wanted districts to be able to work with the Department of Public Health to set masking guidance based on their local COVID metrics.

Today’s decision does not mean students, teachers and staff in Kentucky’s public schools will remain in face coverings for the entire 270 days. The board agreed to hold another emergency meeting if the CDC adjusts their masking guidance for schools and the mandate could be lifted within 24-hours.