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FCPS New Superintendent Ready To Guide The District To Their First In-Person Start Since 2019

Lexington Herald-Leader

Fayette County public schools are preparing to open next week and the district will have a new leader to guide them through the upcoming academic year. When you first meet Dr. Demetrus Liggins, his love for students, teachers and staff is clear. There is an energy that fills the room.

“I’m excited about the school year and I would just like to tell our students to get ready for a wild ride and we’re going to make absolutely sure that you reach your wildest dreams,” he beamed “so welcome to Fayette County and welcome back to the next school year.”

Dr. Liggins hit the ground running when he officially took the Superintendent’s job just under two weeks ago and while he’s gotten to be a part of the synergy and excitement that surrounds the start of a new school year, there have already been tough choices to make, like COVID-19 protocols. Dr. Liggins said his number one goal is to keep students in Fayette County in the classrooms and keeping everyone safe. That means following CDC and state guidance to mask up whether you are vaccinated or not.

“Ultimately although I strongly believe in parents having choice, I also believe in public health and listening to the science. And so it was extremely critical that I made a decision that was going to ensure our students had the best chance possible of being in-person, learning with their peers, in a classroom with their teacher in front of them,” Liggins added that he was “extremely comfortable with that decision.”

Over the next few days leading up to the new school year, we’ll hear more from Dr. Liggins about navigating another year amid COVID-19, ensuring schools are equitable for all students and his overall vision for the future of Fayette County Public Schools.