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Normalcy! Most Lexington Government Offices And Facilities Will Reopen To The Public

Karyn Czar

Most government offices and facilities in Lexington will reopen to the public June 11th, which is next Friday. Mayor Linda Gorton said “We’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.” “Now COVID-19 is moving into our rearview mirror with almost 60% of our entire adult population vaccinated. That’s 18 and over, fully vaccinated here in Fayette County. So it is time to reopen Government offices and facilities to the public.”

Most offices have been working remotely for nearly 15 months and that includes the city’s Senior Centers, which serve more than four thousand citizens. Gorton said that while she’s glad that just about everything is just about opening, getting the center back open was at the top of her list. “Our senior citizens have really missed their friends and activities at the senior center. We’ve tried to bridge the gap with online classes but nothing takes the place of in-person visits.” Gorton added that the Senior Centers will open gradually and there will be a few changes to ensure safety.

Government offices will also open next Friday and Urban County Council members resume in-person meetings on June 15th. Visitation will be allowed at the Fayette County Detention Center in July with limitations. Global Lex remains closed to the public while ventilation in the building is being improved and city pools are open this summer with limited hours.

Gorton said employees will not be required to be vaccinated and it’s being asked that everyone who is not vaccinated continue to mask-up but Gorton said that will be done “on the honor system.”