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Senator Rand Paul Says He Has Natural Immunity, Won't Get COVID-19 Vaccine For Now

Associated Press

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky said on a radio show he won’t be getting the COVID-19 vaccine, but that he might change his mind if people who previously contracted the disease are getting reinfected at a greater rate than those who are vaccinated. The Republican said on a podcast released Sunday that he doesn’t want the federal government ordering him around.

"I think that we should have a choice whether we take a vaccine or not because frankly, all the studies show that I have just as good as an immunity as the people who have been vaccinated," Paul added that he believes he is immune because he contracted the virus in March of 2020. "They would first have to prove that the vaccination is better than getting infected. I'm not saying it's wise to get infected on purpose."

Paul was the first COVID-19 case in the Senate. Health officials have urged vaccination as a longer-term solution and recommend everyone get inoculated, even if you have already had COVID-19.