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Work Search Requirement Back In Effect For Kentucky Jobless Benefits

Karyn Czar

Unemployment claimants in Kentucky now have another eligibility requirement to meet. Most people seeking jobless benefits must prove they are actively seeking work.

The work search requirement was paused last year amid the interruptions and closures caused by the pandemic, but now the state argues employers are hiring again. And residents requesting unemployment benefits, barring a few exceptions, must show they are seeking suitable full-time employment and provide at least one job contact a week.

Beshear general counsel Amy Cubbage says, while the requirement has been reinstated, the state doesn't expect immediate results.

"You're going to have a reasonable amount of time to find work comparable in pay and skill level," she adds. "After a reasonable amount of time, you may be requested to expand your search out."

Things to keep track of include: the name of the businesses, a contact person, and the position sought, along with the date of the contact.

Exemptions to the work search requirment:

  • residents with a definite recall date within 12 weeks of the initial claim filing date
  • members of a trade union that finds work for them
  • students in eligible training programs
  • those on a temporary leave of absence
  • workers who are part of a mass electronic claim filed by employer on their behalf

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