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Beshear Relaxes Outdoor Mask Mandate

Associated Press

Beginning Tuesday, the mask mandate for outdoor events with 1,000 people or less will no longer be in effect. The mandate has been in place in the Commonwealth since last July when Governor Andy Beshear signed an executive order requiring facial coverings to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Beshear said now that more people are vaccinated and as medical experts learn more about the virus, in particular how new variants are spreading, they won’t be required outdoors. He added however, that they are recommended if you have not been vaccinated or if you cannot socially distance.

As for the Kentucky Derby, Beshear said "I spoke to the CEO of the Kentucky Derby and Churchill Downs today, we agreed that with the number of people, that their masking rules must continue. They are committed to it and committed to doing it safely. But based on both where we are on vaccinations and what we have seen in recent data, it means that if you are at a backyard barbecue, if you're at your community pool, if you are at an outdoor wedding, especially if you are vaccinated, you are not required to wear a mask."

The indoor mask mandate will continue. The Governor said they will still need to be worn at work and if you are patronizing any business. “You should still wear a mask indoors unless you are with your own family” the Governor said. He still plans to ease capacity restrictions once 2.5 million Kentuckians are vaccinated.