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Fayette Students And School Board To Mull 2020 'Do Over' Option

Josh James

One more time... in person? Fayette County students can apply to retake classes affected by the pandemic, but the due date is fast approaching.

The option to repeat or supplement classes that took place during the disrupted 2020-21 school year was included in a bill recently passed by the Kentucky General Assembly.

But don't count on the redo just yet. First, requests must be submitted by May 1, leaving a short window for students and parents to make their decision, and the school board could vote down the option altogether before June.

If the board opts to honor the requests, it could launch a temporary program for graduated seniors who feel they would benefit from another shot at senior year courses.

Students retaking classes who meet age requirements could also compete in athletics programs at their schools.

Josh James fell in love with college radio at Western Kentucky University's student station, New Rock 92 (now Revolution 91.7). After working as a DJ and program director, he knew he wanted to come home to Lexington and try his hand in public radio.