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All Sworn Lexington Police Officers To Be Outfitted With Body Cameras


Lexington police expect to have enough body worn cameras for all officers by this summer.

The police department applied for and won a grant covering half the cost of the new bodycams last year, but delays in receiving the funds pushed back the purchasing of the equipment. Now, the department is expecting the delivery by mid-April.

Assistant Police Chief Eric Lowe says, in the meantime, LPD will be updating its policy on who wears the bodycams. New to the list are administrative staff, detectives, and community services staff.

"Up until now, it's been mainly just first responders that had the body worn cameras," Lowe told the Urban County Council.

The new requirements will go all the way up to and including the chief of police.

Just under 200 employees will need to be trained on the use of the cameras. Those classes are expected to take about two weeks and run through the first week of May.

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