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Former Councilman Gibbs Memorialized With New Plaque


Mayor Linda Gorton celebrated the life of Jake Gibbs at a news conference Friday where a plaque was dedicated in his honor one year and two days after the death of the Councilmember.

“Jake made his time on earth count for good,” Gorton said, referring to Mr. Gibbs as a staunch defender of the environment, avid walker and cyclist, and lover of books and trees.

Joining Gorton for the news conference were Mr. Gibbs’ friends and family, members of the Downtown Lexington Management District Board and Councilmembers.

The Management District has placed a new plaque honoring Mr. Gibbs in the sidewalk in front of Alfalfa’s, the restaurant he once co-owned, now located at 141 Main St. The plaque depicts a tree with deep roots and honors Mr. Gibbs as a “dedicated servant to his community.”

Jim Frazier, chair of the Board of the Management District, said, “Jake Gibbs was one of the original members and cornerstones of the Downtown Lexington Management District Board.  His wise counsel and singular focus on the constituents of the District helped shape and drive the mission of maximizing resources back to the District.  He was a great steward for the community.”

Vice Mayor Steve Kay said, "Jake was known by all as a person of integrity who loved the energy of the city and the full range of people who live there.”

Gorton said Mr. Gibbs was a warrior for the Third District, the downtown Council District he represented. “Calling himself a city kid, he enjoyed and fiercely protected our historic neighborhoods and downtown,” Gorton said. “He had lived near downtown since he arrived in Lexington in 1978.”

Gorton read a proclamation honoring Mr. Gibbs from Governor Andy Beshear.

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